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Mrs. Maria Molina

Secretary and Treasurer


Professional Experience

Mrs. Molina Secretary and Treasurer and co founder of Interior Demolition, Inc. She is in charge of coordinating all aspects of our daily administrative functions.

She overseas all company function such as: preparing daily paperwork for ongoing projects; processing and obtaining permits and notifications from relevant government agencies; providing insurance certificates to clients for projects; preparing invoices and lien releases; preparing preliminary lien notices for all projects; performing contract administration and process payment applications; interacting with subcontractors and vendors at various stages of construction; preparing proposals and submittals including pre-qualification packages; keeping track of worker certifications; coordinating and scheduling classes for employees to keep them current; preparing monthly union reports; data entry and daily activity report generation; scheduling and coordinating department meetings; conducting Internet searches for bids and responding to potential bid alerts via email.


Mrs. Molina has a bachelor degree in Business Administration.

“Interior Demolition, Inc. did a wonderful job with the preparation of a detailed health and safety plan, personnel protective equipment, dust control, stockpile management, equipment, and trucking were just phenomenal!”

- Carver Greenfield
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